Christmas 2010
Carol-It really was a great year for my art efforts. I increased the number of national exhibitions that I enter, and
the results were great, I got into most, and won several awards. I remember that I had ten paintings in national
shows around the country, at one time! Locally, now that Warren has retired I we upped the number of big outdoor
festivals I enter, and overall sales and prizes made the hard work pay off. Another feather in my cap is that I not
only got into the National Watercolor Society, I also earned signature status with that organization. The book with
my painting in it is out now, The Artist Touch, by Chris Unwin. I won several top awards in top competitions, and I
am scheduled to teach five workshops this spring. For all the details of what’s what in my world of art, head to my

Welcome to my second annual On-Line Christmas Newsletter. I think this is a
really great way to bring everyone (who is willing to go beyond the horse and
buggy era) into our lives, and wish everyone Happy Holidays. I offer, here,
more script, and many more photographs, and selecting so few from the
hundreds and hundreds I had to chose from was not at all easy!
Blue boxes have the additional text that I wrote.....Enjoy

Let me know you were here and how you think!

CAROL-Last year’s poinsettias are blooming in the yards, the tree is up, I’ve had a fire in my
fireplace, and the television constantly reminds us that the big day is fast approaching. It is easy to
think Christmas.  We had our first real chill in early November, and several heavy frost warnings
this month already, (normally such foolishness is reserved until after the first of the year). Here in
this part of Florida we cover our sensitive plants with sheets and such to protect them during the rare
nights where the temperatures drop below freezing. In the morning light these multi-colored ghosts
join Christmas decorations making our yards look like something from a really cheap, bazaar, Class
D horror film.

WARREN-This is the second time I have typed this letter - and the last time.  For some reason the system dumped after two paragraphs and deleted the first version.  This
version will be shorter than the previous one - sorry to all of you that hang on my every word.

Year one of retirement is in the books.  It did take a little adjusting to.  I still get up early, make coffee, read the paper and have my cheerios  (trying to lower weight and
cholesterol).  Now though I go back to the computer or the TV in the family room instead of off to work.  By mid morning it is time to head off to the golf course where I continue
to frustrate myself on a regular basis.  I always said I was going to find out if I really liked playing when I retired.  Turns out I do enjoy playing - and meeting some interesting
people.  I played with a couple from Alaska last spring.  When I asked what they do for a living they explained that they trap mosquitoes.  I had always heard about things being
bigger there, but trapping mosquitoes?   It turns out that they have a series of traps that the little bloodsuckers fly into.  They then take them back, freeze them, package them
and sell them to high end pet stores as "natural fish food".  They do well enough at it that they spend three months a year in Florida.
Above: Our Daughe\ter,
with her Son Arron, and
Daughter Emil
eldest daughterr Theresa,
son Joshua , and daughter
vintage building, with cozy courtyards, antique furniture, and a welcoming air. While we had dinner one night at the famous and outrageously expensive Brennan’s, when they
suggest jacket and tie, but seat you besides shorts and flip-flops, the excellent food and outstanding service, lost some flavor. Let me recommend that if you get the chance… go to
Irene’s!  Excellent! We went back twice. It  was hot, humid, grey and rainy the whole time but we walked everywhere.  Royal St. was full of galleries and shops, Bourbon Streets
famous Bourbon Bar did not have a top shelf to equal the one he had at home, so he enjoyed local beers at some of rest stops along the way, of course we also had to have a trip to ??
for ???,  sort of french donut/pastry.
New York-Having my painting displayed at the famous
Salmagundi Gallery was an honor, having it hand with
so many famous contemporary artists..was
incredible…but to actually rub elbows and dine with
them??? OH MY!...Humbling!

high on our lists, and made some fabulous afternoons.
A business trip, yes, but the weather was outstanding
The Wax Museum and the Museum of Modern Art were
the end of April, and so was our trip. Add Times Square,
a few sidewalk cafés, and a little people watching and I
know were are both looking forward to a return trip.
More Art World – A few brief statistics. In the
year 2010 I created 66 competition/sale quality
paintings, entered 58 competitions, and won 28
awards. I also taught classes two days s week
for most of the year. Throw in a few workshops,
some outdoor weekend long art festivals, and a
few of the computer classes I teach.  Now you
know why I spend most of my cruise time
sleeping in a deck chair pretending to read. By
the way I have yet to figure out how cruise
lines, run you all over the place, feed you till
you can not move, and bake you in the sun,
then manage to make you look relaxed, rested
and even beautiful in photographs! Maybe it's
the view...........................................
Warren-Not a lot of traveling this year.  In March we used the last of the Verizon bonus points I had to take a one week cruse to Aruba and Curacao.   For the first time we used
Holland America instead of Carnival for a cruise.  The Holland America ship is a little smaller (less than two thousand people) and the service and food was a little better.  We
were impressed enough that we have booked a trip in February with them again.  This trip will go from Tampa to Key West, Jamaica, and Mexico over a seven day period.  
Warren-We are doing well and continue to enjoy life.  We have not made many/any plans for next summer yet not sure what is in store for us.  Carol is heavily involved in the
Florida Watercolor Society which is taking an increasing toll on her time.  She will be the President of that organization in 2013.  Once she finishes her term in office we are
planning a major trip out to the western area of the country to visit major parks.

That is all from me. I and Carol are on Facebook so give us a shout if your on.
Warren-  In May we were in New York City on a business trip for Carol.  She had a painting accepted into the
American Watercolor Society (AWS) for the first time ever - and won a major award.  We flew up for the dinner
and award presentations and spent three additional days in the city. We had a great time and were at dinner about
four blocks away when the idiot tried to blow up Times Square. The first we knew of it was the next morning when
we saw it on television. Both her AWS and NWS paintings were also selected to be a part of the national traveling
shows and will spend a year being displayed in various galleries around the country.
am also thoroughly convinced that his hours on the golf course not only keep him alive, but me out of jail for manslaughter!
Over all, I would say that we are both pretty healthy. While I would not say we are wealthy, our bills are paid, we eat quite well, and can afford to do mostly what we want. I know
we are happy. While wisdom may be subjective, I do know that we are wise enough to be very, very grateful for all that we do have. So in summation, maybe the old movies say it

It’s been “A Wonderful Year”!                 Love, Carol and Warren