Christmas 2011

Welcome to my Third Annual On-Line Christmas Newsletter. I think this is a
really great way to bring everyone (who is willing to go beyond the horse and
buggy era) into our lives, and wish everyone Happy Holidays.
There are many more Photos and the Blue Boxes have the additional text that
was not in the printed paper version.....Enjoy

Let me know you were here and what you think!
This Year'sTrip(p) Photos:

Day One (two months), Tripp Graduation
from PetCo Puppy School  (Four months)
Tired? (Seven Months)
With Dad (Three months)
The rest are from today.
Christmas 2011 December 17 and 23, 2011

HI Everyone,

The day before Halloween, I saw a commercial telling me that if I shopped at their store I could buy
Christmas for less…………….I was amazed. I never realized it was for sale! Christmas, however is
coming.  No frost on Pumpkins, no geese getting fat, (…and we will not talk about who is!) . So get out
your old man hats, here is our my penny’s worth for this year.  

We did go on our Cruise in February.  At first we could not even remember if we went this year or
last, but yes, it was this year, and it was good. Somehow I also lost the photos we took, and the photos
we bought from the ship. There will not be a lot of photos to share this in year’s newsletter.  I did not
need anymore souvenirs from the Caribbean, so I went on a mission to replenish my supply of T-Shirts
made from bamboo fibers, very soft, lightweight, and comfortable. I love them and Cariloha stores
carry them.  Four cruise stops, three stores…I will be good now for another year or two. Our first
stop was to Key West and our first visit there in over 20 years…. Found Joe’s “Life is Good” T-shirt
store. Also went to a store advertizing the best/ most comfortable flip-flops in the world (maybe the
most expensive too…but they were that good), then finished up with Gelato……..LIFE IS GOOD!  

We usually do something special for our anniversary but rather than take a trip, this year in June we
got one!  The newest member of our family is Triptych (Tripp) and he is a eight month old Australian
Sheppard (Blue Merle). I do not need to tell you how much a puppy will change your life, and he sure
has done that! He is settling in pretty well now, and the cats are starting to return to the living areas,
even if he is in them. The tree is up, sans tinsel and full of non-breakable ornaments, He is sneaky
though and has been admonished on more than one occasion. There is a reason why so many Aussies
are named Bandit!  

I told Warren that as soon as I got his “part of this letter then I could get started…he has not written
yet, and if this is to be mailed by Christmas it has to go out tomorrow.  So looks like it is all up to me.  
(On a positive note he totally stopped nagging me to hurrying up and get “our” Christmas letter
done!) Bottom line though, as long as I can keep him at the golf course most of the time , I will let him
Carol, Tucker, Snickers, Tripp, Warren Frye...........Us and the boys!
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Warren from Warren - December 24 Noon

This is the season – again.   I failed miserable in getting my input to Carol in time for the printed
version of this so I am seeking redemption by providing electronic input.  So this is what retirement
is?  One day slipping rapidly into the past only to be replaced by another day offering the same
excitement as the day just filed away.  There is something to be said for this new lifestyle though.  
Carol and I now live a very relaxed lifestyle.  She is extremely busy with her art work and personal
commitments. To help her out I have assumed a significant portion of the cooking duties.  She
complains that I forgot to add this or that – and suggests how long and at what temperature to cook
things at.  In true husband fashion I ignore her – or pretend to listen as I continue on doing it my
way.  She isn't losing weight so something’s working right I guess.

My golf game continues to improve - the handicap is down to a 13 now and I have actually carded
several rounds in the seventies this year.  I have a membership at the local club and play as many as
four or five times per week.  My present this year from Carol was another year’s membership. I am
really grateful for that as I do really enjoy the game. Carol says it’s cheaper to give me the
membership and get me out of the house than it is to pay for the lawyer to defend her killing me.
I know she has spoken of Tripp – man that dog has more energy than I could possible believe.  He is
spoiled rotten and is the biggest thief you ever saw. If he goes blasting through the family room, out
on the screen porch and out the doggie door at full speed you better get moving and find what he
stole this time.  He is very partial to Tupperware lids it seems.

Health wise we have been blessed this year – no illness or injuries to either of us. I hope that
continues into the New Year as well. We suffer the same inflictions as other older folks of course.  I
sometimes wish medicine wasn't so advanced – at least then I wouldn't have all those big words to
look up when I get home from the doctor’s office.
So much for this year’s contribution to the Christmas letter. We are happy and are enjoying our live
together – hard to believe it’s been over forty-two years since we were married – time sure seems to
fly when you look backwards.