Christmas 2012

Welcome to my Fourth Annual On-Line Christmas Newsletter. This letter always
includes many many more photos, and has more to say than will fit into my printed
letter. Yes, it takes me several days to create that printed letter, this one adds another
to that total but I figure, I only get in touch with some of you once a year, and your
worth it!.....Enjoy!!!

Let me know you were here and what you think!
Even without a calendar, I would know that Christmas time is upon us. Nighttime temperatures are in the 50s; last year’s
poinsettias are showing hints of red, and Christmas cacti are starting to bud out. We finished the turkey salad made from the last
of the Thanksgiving turkey, and absolutely everyone on TV is trying to sell me “Christmas for Less”!
World of Art
I won’t say that things got hectic, but the virtual flower pot on my
computer desktop died! It really was my best over all season so far.  My
last “ art season” ran from September until June, and Classes,
Workshops, Prize Monies, and even Sales were really good…don’t tell
my tax guy! Friends tell me it is all the years of hard works paying off….
finally! However, the art world is often feast of famine, or maybe just
plain fickle. The “new” season which began in September went downhill,
add to that the fact that I had to cancel most of my fall obligations due
to health issues and I am not be crowing so loudly. I have very few
workshops scheduled in 2013, but that may be a blessing. I will officially
assume the office of President of the Florida Watercolor Society for the
year 2013. This organization is one of the largest in the country with a
large board, a lot of money and a very ambitious schedule. I am honored
by the position, but I KNOW it will take a lot of my time. It already
does! On up side, again, both of the books that have included my art
work hit the bookstores this summer….I am still amazed by and grateful
for my very good fortune….on so many levels. Who could have
predicted all this! ~ Me
My studio, before I added all the art stuff I had been keeping in the living room for
classes. This is the  real reason I have done so LITTLE painting in the last several
months.....Step#1. FIND studio
Me at my most recent reception, a three person show. Several friends and
students showed up, and I sold two paintings. There is still time, it will hang until


Well, here we are again - mid December, 80' outside with blue sky and sunshine. I'm taking the
morning off from the golf course to finish this letter,  go Christmas Tree shopping and have lunch
with Carol. What an eventful year - or at least last half of the year. The first six months were
totally normal for us. Carol taught several workshops and I managed to get to the point where I
was consistently shooting in the low 80's or high 70's on the golf course. I did have my best round
ever - a 76. We had planned on going north this summer and made the trip in late summer.

Since we were taking our Aussie (Tripp) with us for the first time we weren't sure what to expect.
As it turned out, he is an excellent traveler - rides in the back seat and is very content as long as
has his own blanket, pillow and toys are readily available. He also wants his air conditioner
running full cold. We spent several days in Pennsylvania staying with my sister Ellen - great
hostess by the way. We were also fortunate that we were able to attend a graduation party for
Linda's grandson. We saw most of the family there and had a good time visiting with everyone.
From Pennsylvania it was north to visit Brian, Karen and their family in Rome New York.

The weather cooperated and we had a great visit with the entire family. I also had a chance to
visit with Sam Barone - a friend from many years ago when we lived there. No trip to New York
would be complete without a trip the Thousand Islands to visit the Hudson clan. As always they
were great hosts. It was nice to see Agnes, Scott and Sandy this year. An added bonus for us was
Michael’s presence. It had been many years since we had last seen him and it was a very pleasant
visit. We also met two close friends of Scott and Sandy’s, George and Todd, and joined them on a
boat ride around the islands. The weather was perfect for the ride and it brought a lot of
memories back. I remember when Carol and I were first married and I started joining them up
there over forty years ago that Ross and Agnes would have older friends over on Sundays
occasionally and take them for boat rides. The torch has passed again and we are now the older
people enjoying the hospitality and the boat rides on Sunday afternoons. ~Warren
Warren’s Contribution to this letter covered all the bases so I will let him carry most of this year’s printed
letter. I will mention that his health seems to be good, and that his life expectancy will go up when I gift
him again this year with another year of membership at our nearby Golf Course, Greenleaf.
Tripp wondering why Warren is on his super sized water dish. He was not at all sure that he would like to actually get in it!
The view from Ellen's Porch.
Ellen explaining the rules.

The things that really matter!
Traveler Tripp.
View from the top of the steps at the river's Anchorage
The Boys
(My Three Son's)

Tripp with his friend Tucker