Christmas 2014 Page 2
We are both holding up pretty well, over all health is good. After all
my health issues and trips to the hospital in 2013, I had had everything
check out way more thoroughly than I care to think about.  I took a
year off from doctors and all things medical. I took my handful of pills
everyday (usually) , but that was it. I will have my annual physical
next month, and will see if I am as well as I think I am.

The art world continues to amaze me. I still teach two classes a week,
plus assorted workshops, as the demand arises, I judge juried
competitions, and still try to find time to paint. My commitments to the
Florida Watercolor Society have lessened a great deal now that I am
no longer president; I will remain on the board though, in a lesser
supportive role, for another four years. I continue to enter national
competitions, though not as many these days as I used to. Fees have
sky-rocketed and I am both a little more selective about what shows I
enter, and a little more forgetful about deadlines. January is the
busiest month; I could actually enter more than a dozen major
competitions around the country. I continue to win awards on a
regular basis, so it is still well worth the efforts.
If you have a house , you have on-going projects, and wish lists. This
year we had our kitchen remodeled.  Warren posted a lot about it on
Facebook with pictures. While it took a lot of work, planning,
frustration, (if one more Male tells me, "...ma'am, you don't really
want to...).  Anyway, it turned out great and we are very pleased. We
also tiled the screen room, and the front porch. We have several more
things on the list for next year. Our new philosophy is "So what if our
kids won't get to fly first class....let then take a bus!"

Diane and I have Sister-days now, that means she comes over to
my house I put her to work...or we go shopping or have lunch...or
even other fun stuff....I like it. Thanks to her effort, last year's
$2.98 Wal-Mart Poinsettias are now large bushes, filled with
blooms, and all the rest of my mirade of flowers are thriving in
larger pots and weeded beds. (...and yes, thriving , outside, right
now, in our 75 degree weather!)

Warren and I still continue to play on-line games. Just in case
anyone is onto this stuff, I play Riftplus ArcheAge, He plays
World of Tanks, also World of Planes and we both play World of
Warcraft. While we were in Kansas we had the pleasure of
having dinner with our long time World of Warcraft  friends,
Beth (Sorda) and Doug (Kargle)and their family. It was nice to
meet up with them again.

Every year I continue to be surprised that there were not more
photographs taken. Nowadays, as it is, I spend more time working
with photographs for this letter and for the on-line version than I
do writing. Warren does such a good job, . Please do remember
that the on-line version of this letter is filled with many, many
more photographs really commemorating the whole years events
in pictures

I only mail a few card now a days, most of you will receive an emailed  link to the more extensive and inclusive online
version of this letter. Pass it on to anyone you wish. Only  today I realized that I am missing pictures of several people.
I will update this letter later with Christmas day photos. They should be up by New Years Eve, Check back if you are

Love and happiness to EVERYONE!!!!

Carol and Warren Frye