Christmas 2014

Welcome to my Sixth Annual On-Line Christmas Newsletter. This
letter always includes many many more photos, and has more to say
than will fit into my printed letter. Yes, it takes me several days to
create that printed letter, some people live only in the snail mail world.  
This digital letter adds  several more days of work for me,  I figure, I
only get in touch with some of you once a year, and your worth it!.....
Let me know you were here and what you think!
December 20, 2014

Carol: Yes! Christmas is almost here! There really is no way to miss it. The first week in October, our Sam's Club started
putting out their Christmas items. The first Monday on November a neighbor put up his Christmas lights, and we
received the first Christmas Card the first day of December. All those would think that this year would be the
first year I finished this letter early...NOT going to happen!

Nighttime temperatures in the forties and fifties,  tee times have slipped
to seven in the morning and the heat has been turned on in the house
more than once - must be "Winter in Florida". All in all a pretty slow
and uneventful year.  We started with a cruise to Mexico and a few other
places accompanied by my sister Ellen and her friend Tom.  A nice week
of great weather and good times.  I am holding the pictures back in case
I ever need a real big favor from Ellen :-).  We returned from the cruise
on a Sunday morning, rescued our poor Australian Sheppard from
Carol's sister Diane where the poor guy had been babied to death and
arrived home about four in the afternoon.  The next morning at five we
were in the local hospital getting ready to turn my left knee into
titanium.  Four hours later I could set off the airport screening
machines.  An interesting and sometimes trying six weeks of therapy
latter I was back on the golf course.

In May, we packed up, shipped Tripp back to Diane's to be spoiled some
more and headed to Kansas to enjoy watching our granddaughter
Theresa graduate from high school.   A great trip out and an opportunity
to see a number of people we have not seen in several years (Karen's
parents and brothers).  Theresa had been accepted to medical school and
is on her way to being a doctor in another decade or so :-) Another month
went by and we hosted a graduation party for Wendy here at our house.  
She graduated with an associate degree in radiology technician.  This was
a really nice party as we had Carol, Diane and their brother Tom here all
together for the first time in forty-five years. Time flies when you're
getting old :-)

After the whirlwind spring, summer turned into a non eventful several
months.  We were able to get Tom and his wife back over for
Thanksgiving dinner and once more had a great time with a very full
house.  Lots of talk and memories shared during what was a very short
six or seven hours.  Christmas is around the corner and we will be
hosting Carl and Diane along with our family again for the fun.  Tom
and his wife had other plans and will not be able to join us
unfortunately.  Carol and I are planning on driving over to the east coast
to see them after the first of the year.

Next year is offering more challenges as we look forward.  A cruise to
Aruba is on the schedule for the end of January.  Carol has a number of
art commitments in March and April. And, I will end up having the right
knee replaced sometime this next year.
Getting paint, relax, for self-reflection and
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shot from the back of the cruise ship!
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The Kansas Visit


Wendy's Graduation