Christmas 2015

Welcome to my Sixth Annual On-Line Christmas Newsletter. You will find
several more photographs, etc. I apologize about last years news letter. I did not
get it finished before Christmas, then I got sick. I did finish it this week. It took
me 19.5 working hours!!!  This letter took as much time or more. New computers
and organizational chaos meant I never did find many of the images, I know I
have and had planned to use. More apologies.  You may use this link
2014 Christmas Newsletter
or the "Friends and Family" link to go back and read it.
Enjoy BOTH Letters!!!
Let me know you were here and what you think!
December 17, 2015

But, “Christmas is coming next week”, that is what I said in September when I
spied the first of the holiday decorations, hidden near the Halloween candies.
They looked at me oddly at the Thanksgiving dinner table when I told them,
“Christmas is coming next week.” Now I will tell you  “Christmas IS coming next
week”,  and if you turn around three times really fast, and click your
heals…Christmas is TOMORROW! ~Carol

About last year…This is what happened. After the paper copy of my
annual newsletter was printed, stamped and mailed, the digital copy
never got finished. (It takes me many hours and several days to create
both a hard copy and an on version of our Christmas missive. I got really
busy with the rest of the Christmas details and just ran out of time.
Warren said not to worry I could finish right after Christmas. Right after
Christmas, I got sick with the first cold I have had in well over 20
years…and it was wicked! It lasted several weeks and so some things just
never got done.
I have yet to hear from Warren, so I expect this letter may be a little
shorter than usual…sort of like my memory! WE went on two cruises this
year. The first was an 8 day, to the Caribbean? , I think, it was back to
Aruba?, may the ABC Islands? We didn’t buy much.  I honestly do not
remember just where we went. The weather was cooler and windier than
usual, but the sun mostly shone; I slept a LOT, and we ate and ate and
Every year Warren likes to do something special for my birthday in
September, but this is Florida and it is usually still very hot and humid in
the south. I would rather we celebrate in November when the weather is
wonderful. So now we are going to compromise with an October get-
away! This is Florida, and short cruises are actually cheaper than a
weekend at the beach so our second was a long weekend, I think to
Nassau.  We saw the sights, and ATE A LOT!
You can click on any SMALL picture to enlarge it for better viewing.
December 21
Another year has quietly passed us by with little impact on our lives.  
The year started with an eight-day cruise to Aruba with a stop in
Grand Turk thrown in. I had forgotten that Grand Turk was a key
installation during the early space years.  It was interesting to see the
exhibit there and remember the excitement the early space program
missions generated.  For you young folks, this was the day of
“Freedom Seven” and numerous other single man launches
culminating in the two man Gemini series of missions.  Trip spent the
week visiting with Carl, Diane and their two Golden Retrievers.
As has become our custom, the day following our return I went into
the hospital and had a joint replaced – left knee this time.  Wish I had
been in Colorado or some other place with real joints.  This one was
not as comfortable as the first one but was a success.  As with the first
one it was just over five weeks from surgery to golf course.  My
surgeon loves golfers – with the addiction they suffer from they are
great at rehab .

What a coincidence.  Shortly after my surgery, Tripp tore his ACL
and was off to the doggie orthopedic surgeon to have a titanium plate
installed. The interesting part was that his pain medication and mine
were exactly the same – so we could share.  Recovery and rehab for
both of us went great and life went uneventfully on into the summer.
In June Carol and I celebrated our 46th Wedding Anniversary with a
trip to Downtown Disney to see the Cirque Du Sol show and have
dinner. The trip gave Carol an opportunity to visit the gift shop and
replace a purse she had bought years ago in Las Vegas and absolutely
loved to the point that she wore it out.  The show was tremendous and
worth the time and money to see. Dinner did not turn out that good
unfortunately – fine dining and resorts don’t match up very well.  The
highlight of the day was the biggest root beer float I have ever seen.
Carol was up to the task however and managed to get it down.
The Boys