What is an Artist?
(a purely personal and subjective opinion)

An Artist is a person who has the ability to look failure in
the eye, over and over,
and still continue onward. -September 2007
When the first websites were described in computer magazines, I knew I wanted to have one! Several
years later in 1999 I got my first copy of "Front Page", a website designing program, I added a tutorial and
a stack of manuals................and they collected dust and fell away to antiquity. I still really, really wanted
a website. I bought "Front Page 2003" and a stack of manual and tutorials,...........in 2005. I installed it for
the first time in May of 2007, and cram sessions began, almost instantly, to be interrupted by the
uncontrollable forces of life. Computers entered into a devious pact of conspiracy. Determination,
persistence, and a wallop of stubbornness has begun so reach a degree of fruition, and the first Carol Frye
Art website has been launched

.- September 2007

Awards are usually the result of many years of effort. They are the result
many things....the painting process, the courage required to have work
viewed and judged by others and the enormous amounts of energy and
perseverance it takes to keep up with the whole thing. Every ribbon covered
‘I Love Me” wall is mirrored by three other walls papered with rejection
slips. My studio floor is littered not only with paint covered paper towels,
but tear-stained Kleenex. It is my sincere hope that when I die, it will be at
the top of my career, and I am not there yet!

The adventure continues

-October 2007
Page Under Construction
I am still trying to figure out just how I want this page to be
and what I want it to do.
The Muse
Who am I and what am I
doing here?.......mommy?
I wanted a place to share ramblings of the mind, maybe a word or two of wisdom and
also tosee what you are thinking too. I concidered setting a blog of some sort into this
page, but have no idea how to do anything like that. I did not let that totally stop me
though. Here it is, a link to my BRAND NEW  Blog Page. Check it out!!!
( I can not seem to customize it much though.)

An artists life seems to be a series of adventures, filled with daring challenges,
disapointments, dazzling humbling moments.... and the occasional unexpected vacation.  
After several months of sabatical.....
.......and the adventure continues.......September 2009