The Magnifcent Seven
Watercolor Artis MagazineMagazine Fall 2015 Images coming soon
Image Coming Soon Florida Watercolor September 2016
Demonstations and More (ClicK here for Detail)
"Behind Lace Curtains"
This Painting began as a one hour
demonstration completed the week before it
Best in Show
in WinteHaven Florida Spring Festival
March 2016
"Knotted Up"
Best in Show, Cornucopia, Bartow, Florida
This painting was done as a classroom
~ November 2017
October 12-13 2018
Workshop: "Watercolor: Beyond the Ordinary "
Demonstration: GWS October 14, 2018
Judge: GWS Members Show October 2018

April 22-28
Workshop:“Watercolor: Beyond the Ordinary”
Kanuga Watermedia Workshops

March 22-24 2017
Workshop:“Watercolor: Beyond the Ordinary”
The Villages: Lifelong Learning College
The Villages,FL

March 27-29 2017
Workshop: “Mixing it Up with Mixed Media”
Art Center Sarasota

March 25, 2017
Demonstration: Art Center Sarasota
1:00 to 3:00PM
Sarasota, FL

January 17, 2017
Workshop:“Chaotic Color”
Keeton’s Office and Art Supply
Bradenton, Fl

I survived the frightening honor of board membership of the
Florida Watercolor Society.
I was President in the year 2013.
I am still on the board for another year, then I look forward to
a life of leisure and Margarita's (cabana boys optional!)

~ 2011-2017
Creations Gallerymoved!  Look for them, and some of my
painting in their new gallery on the pier in Punta Gorda, Florida.
~November 2016
"Carbonaire was accepted into the  2015 American
Watercolor Society Exhibition.
granting me
Signature Status in this prestigious
What an HONOR!!!!  ~ March 2015
"Slated as an Abode" is slated to
appear in a new  
Publication, a collection of the best
abstract art.
More details as I get them..
~ some time in 2017
Many pages are under going major renovations.
Some are being simplified, a LOT of new art is
being added. Below are pages that I have begun to
renew. Updates will be done in stages.
(Clicking on images for enlargements and details
will soon be available. For now , please enjoy a
refreshing change of art)

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