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(Further details about workshops and demonstrations coming soon! Please send inquires through the contact page.)
All the  techniques I teach can be used with both realistic and abstract subject matter. I will do several demonstrations, talk about
the processes and products,and  offer individual attention. Each session ends with a critique  of work done during class, offering
support and suggestions for finishing work begun in the work shop. I expect to complete at least one painting per day.
All images below were done as demonstrations. More demonstration paintings are scattered through out this website.
New! Going with Gouache
(more examples  coming soon)

Limiting the palette to three primary colors plus black and white, students work with high quality watercolor gouache paints.  Brilliant
colors and/or subtle subdued shades, a variety of techniques and tools invite creativity in both realistic and abstract art.
(Level:  Beginner though Advanced)        Length: Two to five days.        Medium: Watercolor/Acrylic Gouache on Paper and Board
Flowing Colors Workshop I
Using fluid acrylics and YUPO, students explore a variety of techniques to achieve brilliant stained glass effects. These
techniques lend them selves to both realistic and abstract subject matter.

Level: All levels,  Beginner though Advanced        Length: Two to five days.        Medium: Fluid Acrylic on Yupo
UFO (Unfinished Objects) Workshop
(examples coming soon)

Everyone has them, those painting still waiting for a visit from the muse. You do not want a major redo, you just want to take it further and
get it finished. Give them a chance and consider the benefits of critic and sugestions on the age old question...:What Next?" All media
welcome, from realistic oils, acrylkic abstractions, even simple drawings. Students are invited to bring one or two painting they would like
to work on.

Level: All levels,  Beginner though Advanced)        Length: One or two days        Medium: ALL
A Step Into the Subdued Workshop

Students will expand on traditional approaches to color and will combine triads of both primary and neutral colors to obtain a rich personal means of
expression.  The art of subtle and sophisticated layering of both color and subject matter will involve the student in a painting style that will both loosen and
refine traditional methods.  We will be working on smaller supports using new or used canvas, paper, and/or boards.  
Level:  Intermediate though Advanced        Length: Two to five days.        Medium: Mixed Medium on paper and canvas.
Mixing It Up With Mixed Media
A fun class designed to have fun with Canvases and some creative and innovative ways to use them.  Using your choice of medium, we will covering an
introduction to paper altering, surface textures, the use of found objects and placing a Canvas within a Canvas.  

Level:  All levels, Beginner though Advanced        Length: Two to five days.        Medium: Mixed medium on paper and canvas.
New!!!! Precious Stones
(Watercolor: Beyond The Ordinary)
A special blending of watercolors and gesso  will introduce students to a whole new approach to watermedia.

Level:  Intermediate though Advanced        Length: Three to five days.        Medium: Watercolor and Gesso on Paper

Flowing Colors Workshop II
(Does not require Flowing Colors I)
(more examples coming soon)
Working on regular and translucent Yupo, students are intruduced to new techniques and ways to have fun. White and black are added to
the color pallete and may new opportunities are introduced.

Level: All levels,  Beginner though Advanced        Length: Two to five days.        Medium: Fluid Acrylic on Yupo
Altering The Past
( Information coming soon)

Level:  Intermediate though Advanced        Length: Two to five days.        Medium: Watercolor and Gesso on Paper